Web sites. Pure and simple.

The Vincent Group specializes in working with small to medium size businesses and non-profits to design interactive web sites to support business, marketing and communications goals. As owner, I am the point person and involved from start to finish on every project. My passion is not only to create beautiful, compelling, visitor- and SEO-friendly web sites, but to work with you to help streamline how you manage your web site. Every site I design includes time for coaching staff on how to keep content up to date and relevant.

What Started It All

It's hard to believe it's been more than 25 years that I've been helping clients be more visible in the marketplace, communicate their brand message, build excitement for events, increase market share, convert prospects into customers, drive traffic to web sites and educate their audiences. In all this time, I am proud to have remained true to the original vision of delivering practical, strategic, customer-oriented marketing communications and graphic design to help clients get closer to their business goals.


About Me

Hi, my name is Kimberly Vincent and my friends and clients call me Kim. I started this business in 1991 when my family was growing and, according to every economic report, the outlook for any new or existing business in Michigan was uncertain. It was a gutsy move to quit my job and go out on my own, but it gave me the freedom to balance family life and work in impossible ways. The experiment endured the test of time, economic fluctuations, advancing technologies and the advent of social media. But most of all this business has provided me with opportunities to work with some of the finest people I've had the pleasure of meeting.


My career began as a project manager for an advertising agency in the Washington DC area with a list of clients, which included Kiplinger Books, Time/Life Books, Hilton Hotels, National Geographic and a handful of major national associations. In the 80's we were used to big hair, bigger ad budgets, and lengthy production cycles, print runs to last two years and more, and the smell of hot wax we used to fix type galleys onto boards. Before Internet and email we relied on speedy bike messengers to deliver type changes produced across town on the Linotype and, from the color separation houses, color separated films and composite proofs.


When our first Apple computer arrived, it was to be shared by five designers and myself. We were told that it would make us more efficient and provide endless possibilities. Mail merge worked like a charm as it streamlined my work as a project manager/account rep. When the designers were told they had two weeks to switch from their familiar tools or else, they completely froze. While they had heard about desktop publishing, they considered it a fad. The idea of creating graphic designs using that gray box seemed to them impossible.


Deadlines have no empathy for dysfunction and neither do clients. So I decided someone had to roll up their sleeves – and it might as well be me. Jumping right past mail merges and spreadsheets, learned I could find answers to almost any question in operating manuals. It took us more than a week, more like several months, but the staff eventually adopted desktop publishing. The experience taught me a great deal about finding solutions and conquering problems, plus a whole lot about fonts, leading and kerning, widows, grids, halftones and continuous tones, layout and graphic design. I like this story because it reminds me of the power of teamwork, persistence and just plain staying positive.


The Group

To get the job done I may call upon trusted freelancers, other small agencies and suppliers. These folks have talent that compliments mine and among them are talented writers, illustrators, photographers, programmers, etc. who are great at what they do, though most prefer to stay behind the scenes. It works both ways, as clients often prefer the efficiencies that come with having a single point of contact. One of my favorite sayings is: "While we like to keep the small projects small, we also have the ability to amp up the manpower and talent so we can deliver on the big projects."